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Web Development and Hosting

Stay ahead of the competition with a new mobile-friendly website!

Web Design and Development

Web Hosting

Domain Management

Website Mapping

Graphic Design / Logo Creation

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Keep your data safe from disaster!

Local backups are designed for quick and easy recovery of a system

Remote backups are stored off site in case of a disaster such as fire or flood

Redundancy is key as any hardware is prone to failure at some point

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Managed Anti-virus

Let Expenet monitor your antivirus and alert you when something is wrong.

Enterprise grade virus / malware protection

Easy to use Cloud Based Management

$54/year per computer

Network Threat Protection

Expenet will reassure you that your anti-virus solution is working. We’ll send you an e-mail if your ant-virus finds anything suspicious.

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Let us help you send out those memos!

Centralized your e-mail to work on multiple devices

99.99 percent guaranteed uptime.

Three anti-Spam and Anti-virus scans and SSL encryption for all email transmissions

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Due to the recent Power Outage we would like to remind people of the importance of battery backup units for your desktop computers. Battery backups can prevent software corruption, hardware failures and unsaved work progress from happening during power outages. Come in to the shop in Farmington to pick up your battery backup unit today. ...

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