Commercial Services

IP Phone


Get a VOIP phone system that can meet the demands of your business!

No On-Premise hardware needed
Use your existing internet connection
Have an Auto Attendant route your phone calls
Dial by name or Dial by Extension Directory
Give your Cell phones extensions
Schedule your call routing

Managed Anti-virus

Let Expenet monitor your antivirus and alert you when something is wrong.

Enterprise grade virus / malware protection
Easy to use Cloud Based Management
$54/year per computer
Network Threat Protection

Expenet will reassure you that your anti-virus solution is working. We’ll send you an e-mail if your ant-virus finds anything suspicious.

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Need network access but can’t run a cable? Expenet can provide you with a wireless solution.

Home / Business – Our cloud managed wireless means less hardware needed on-site and you can manage it from anywhere
Point to Point – Need to get internet to a remote location? With a Line of site conection, we can get you access
Point to Multi-Point – If you need an internet connection to multiple buildings from a central location, this is what you need.

slow computers

Computer Maintenance

Are your computers slow? Give them a boost with our Maintenance Plan!

What we do:

Review system performance
Ensure software is up to date with security patches
Review event logs
Review backup success or failure
Test backup restore process
Review Antivirus software
Make recommendations for improvement
Setup remote access for fast remote support

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Server / Network Infrastructure

Expenet can design, maintain, upgrade, or fix your server and network infrastructure.

Improve network performance
Decrease network drops
Improve data redundancy
Certify data lines

graphic design

Graphic Design / Brand Management

We specialize in the following:

Logo Design
Business Cards
Digital Marketing
Sales Collateral

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