Commercial Services

ip phone
VOIP Phones

Get a VOIP phone system that can meet the demands of your business!

  • No On-Premise hardware needed
  • Use your existing internet connection
  • Auto Attendant route your phone calls
  • Dial by Name or Dial by Extension
  • Give your cellphones extensions
  • Schedule your call routing
Managed Antivirus

Let Expenet monitor your antivirus and alert you when something is wrong.

  • Enterprise-grade virus / malware protection
  • Easy to use Cloud Based Management
  • $60 per year per computer
  • Network Threat Protection

Expenet will reassure you that your antivirus solution is working. We’ll send you an e-mail if your antivirus finds anything suspicious.

Wireless Solutions

Need network access but can’t run a cable? Expenet can provide you with a wireless solution.

Home / Business – Our cloud-managed wireless means less hardware is needed on-site and you can manage it from anywhere.

Point to Point – Need to get internet to a remote location? With a Line of site connection, we can get you access.

Point to Multi-Point – If you need an internet connection to multiple buildings from a central location, this is what you need.

Computer Maintenance

Are your computers slow? Give them a boost with our Maintenance Plan!

What we do:

  • Review system performance
  • Ensure software is up to date with security patches
  • Review event logs
  • Review backup success or failure
  • Test backup restore process
  • Review Antivirus software
  • Make recommendations for improvement
  • Setup remote access for fast remote support
Server Technology
Server & Network Infrastructure

Expenet can design, maintain, upgrade, or fix your server and network infrastructure.

  • Improve network performance
  • Decrease network drops
  • Improve data redundancy
  • Certify data lines
Web & Design Services

Expenet can design logos, brand kits, entire websites, and more!

  • Social Media Management
  • Logo Design
  • Websites
  • Printable Marketing
  • Business Cards
  • Digital Marketing
  • Presentations