Hosted Services

Web development, site mapping, design

Web Development and Hosting

Stay ahead of the competition with a new mobile-friendly website!
  • Web Design and
  • Development
  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Management
  • Graphic Design


Keep your data safe from disaster!

Local backups are designed for quick and easy recovery of a system
Remote backups are stored off site in case of a disaster such as fire or flood
Redundancy is key as any hardware is prone to failure at some point

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Managed Anti-virus

Let Expenet monitor your antivirus and alert you when something is wrong.

Enterprise grade virus / malware protection
Easy to use Cloud Based Management
$54/year per computer
Network Threat Protection

Expenet will reassure you that your anti-virus solution is working. We’ll send you an e-mail if your ant-virus finds anything suspicious.

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Let us help you send out those memos!

Centralized your e-mail to work on multiple devices
99.99 percent guaranteed uptime.
Three anti-Spam and Anti-virus scans and SSL encryption for all email transmissions